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Chasing Taliban into Balochistan

October 1, 2009


Whether or not the CIA-operated drones would target Taliban insurgents’ hideouts in and around Quetta city, the United States has got its message across that there is no area out of its reach within Pakistani controlled territories.

This is not a new development. Early this year, the U.S Central Command warned Pakistani generals about the presence of Taliban’s war council in Pashtoon areas of Balochistan but Pakistan’s military and its civilian puppets brushed aside such warnings, instead, demanded solid intelligence from the U.S to back up such claims. Nevertheless, no military is fool enough – let alone the U.S army – to compromise its sources on the ground by sharing intelligence to Pakistan. And Pakistani generals too well understood this fact.

In any case, Pakistan is not willing to sacrifice its strategic lambs to the U.S, despite the fact that the Americans keep filling its begging bowl with dollars. The likely scenario would be that Pakistani intelligence services continue their support to Afghan Taliban, in the meantime, hedging their bets that sooner or later, the morale of western forces would drawdown because of protracted nature of this conflict, thereby, once again, opening the gates for their proxies.

From Baloch perspective, the more the U.S. intervenes militarily in Pakistani controlled territories particularly in Balochistan, the further Islamabad’s writ will be undermined, consequently, the better it serves the Baloch interests.

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  1. Khan Jan Baloch permalink
    October 2, 2009 2:45 pm

    One thing is written on the wall i.e. if NATO/ISAF forces neglected
    the Baloch cause – freedom of Balochistan – they shall be perished,
    wiped-out and exit from Afghanistan by force like the huge Army
    of Soviet-union. Forging alliance with Sarmachars – Balaoch Freedom Fighters – is the only option left for NATO forces in Afghanistan
    for counter insurgency against Talibans. Freedom of Balochistan is the only way to stabilize Afghanistan and the last hope for peace in South Asia.

  2. Baloch by birth and love Baloch permalink
    October 2, 2009 4:38 pm

    We realy apriciate if US eliminate Talibans from Balochistan it a serious danger for Baloch people. They have camps from Zhob to Jali Rabat ( near Saindak) trained by Pakistan Army.

  3. Che permalink
    October 4, 2009 11:46 pm

    Pakistan intrest in Taliban was to destabalise Afghanistan and USA interest was to focus it against Russia. Today Pakistan is using Taliban against the Baluch, Afghanistan and to earn $$$ froms USA. If you truly want to destroy Taliban then destroy the source. Taliban cannot survive without the help and support of Pakistan. The joke is, it is USA dollars which is keeping Taliban alive.
    All I can say destroy the source (pakistan) and you will destroy Taliban.

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