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Appeasing Iran

October 25, 2009



While the White House spared no time in condemning recent bombing in the Iranian-controlled Balochistan, calling it “an act of terrorism,” Tehran, on the contrary, put the entire blame on foreign powers especially the U.S. and Britain – asserting that without their active support it wouldn’t have happened, though offering no convincing evidence to backup such a serious charge.

Under pressure from Iran, the Obama administration has pronounced that it may consider a policy to proscribe Jundollah (of which Iran accused of this attack), enlisting it along side al-Qaeda and other transnational jihadi groups. If this happens, then it’s going to be a shift: that will surely mark a complete departure from its predecessor’s policy when it comes to Iran-Baloch confrontation; and such a move is bound to give a free hand to the Persian dominated regime vis-à-vis Baloch minority.   

So why would the U.S, all of a sudden, find soft corner for Iran and is even willing to swallow its harsh criticism?  

It was not the unexpected loss of Iran’s top military commanders, but a much contended Iran – that is ready to respond positively on the U.S. backed proposals over its uranium enrichment process in Vienna-talks – was the key motive that prompted the U.S to soothe aggrieved Mullahs of Tehran. This is hardly any surprising given the consistent lukewarm response by the Obama administration to the regime since its inauguration early this year.

Though, previously, human rights issues used to occupy a significant portion of foreign policy rhetoric let alone the goals, now, with this administration, such concerns have been replaced by a new policy of appeasement with regards to Iran. In short, Washington has taken a backstep from its moral commitments and is pursuing a policy of what commonly be described: ‘see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.’

On the other hand, Iran’s newly found muscles in foreign policy arena which in turn reinforce its aggressive internal policies towards non-Persian population go completely unchecked. Increasing military build-up coupled with the planned settlements for outsiders are intended to change the demographic balance of Balochistan. And such policies are delibrately designed by the Perso-Shi’ite Iran to eliminate the native population systematically.

The belief that by softening the tone might help Iran changes its nuclear posture, which may be a clever strategy by the U.S to bring Tehran into the box, however, in due process, the west in general and the Obama administration in particular would overlook the conducts of the regime in Balohistan.  

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  1. AZAD BALOCH permalink
    October 25, 2009 4:52 am


  2. October 25, 2009 8:16 pm

    what to speak of uncle sam’s policies towards iran,, Baloch are being killed by perso shiites regimes,, in iran and they, the Obama men, are softening their stance just becuase of it iran abandons its nuclear programm,, is a shameful act of Obama administration.. we baloch oppose this policy,and call upon all american nation to rise for Baloch Right…..

    Mirin Baloch,, bahrain

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